Customised solutions for your needs

At CYO Proyectos we are experts in industrial automation solutions and Industry 4.0.

We offer customized machines that improve the quality of production processes.

Our machines are delivered turnkey and we are present during start up and until the project is validated by the customer.

Robotic cells and collaborative robots

CYO has extensive experience in the design of robotic cells. The robots we integrate are capable of handling elements, palletising and screwing.

We have in-depth knowledge of ABB, Kuka and Fanuc robots.

Increasingly, in the world of automation, projects with direct human-robot interaction are being developed.

This cooperation takes place with collaborative robots, also called cobots. CYO has integrated several cobots in different applications always respecting the specific standards that are constantly defined in ISO/TS 15066:2016 ("Robots y dispositivos robóticos – Robots colaborativos").

Special machines

We develop customized machines such as transfers, rotary tables, measuring tools, assembly machines and laboratory fixtures.


CYO designs a wide variety of tools that improve production processes. Among them are the specific ones for:

• Leak testing

• Cutting and punching plastics

• Checking components

• Screwing

• Cleaning parts

• Assembling elements

Plastic welding machines

In the field of welding we have experience in ultrasonic, hot plate, heat staking and induction welding

Control gauges and metrology

We have the means to machine and measure control gauges to the highest degrees of accuracy


Our team of programmers is highly qualified to develop Deep Learning and traceability control programmes, implement vision systems and programme PLCs and robots


They are constantly undergoing training, adapting to the new trends emerging in automation and Industry 4.0.

Certification of machines

We are experts in advising on machine safety.

We have trained personnel with specialist qualifications in machine certifications.