Engineering with team spirit and high qualification

CYO employs highly qualified people for the development of special machines, from the design phase to delivery. All employees are aware of the importance of customer satisfaction and are deeply committed to their projects.

Team spirit and inter-departmental cooperation is a prerequisite that has helped us to achieve success in our projects

Our company maintains a fair partnership with its suppliers, taking care of the commercial relations in order to obtain maximum quality.

CYO has the necessary means to be self-sufficient in the realisation of its projects.

At CYO, meeting your needs is our goal.


Mechanical and electrical design


During the design phase, the engineering team develops the projects with the help of the most up-to-date IT resources. They hold continuous virtual meetings with the client to present the status of the design and define the details in depth.



The team of programmers works in parallel with the designers to provide the latest programming and to get the most out of the machine cycle.



Once the design has been approved, the manufacturing department performs its function using our 4 machining centers. The stock of material that we usually have allows us not to depend on external workshops.

Metrology and control gauges


In the metrology department the workers are highly committed to the rigorousness required for this type of product. The control gauges we manufacture are verified by our Mitutoyo coordinate measuring machine, model Crysta Apex.



The assembly department is made up of highly skilled workers who regularly hold meetings with the design team.

Our principles


CYO is located in Zaragoza, a very well communicated city with all the necessary industrial resources to successfully develop its projects

Offices: 300 m² divided between the mechanical and electrical design, programming, administration, accounting and management departments.

Metrology area: this area is used for checking the control gauges with the Mitutoyo co-ordinate measuring machine, model Crysta Apex.

Workshop: 950 m² divided into 4 distinct areas: welding area, machining area, assembly area and warehouse.

Working platforms

CYO has the necessary working tools for the development of your projects. We work with licences for the following software: